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Assistant Director of MFL Conference

Meeke Addison is assistant director of special initiatives and co-host of "Airing the Addisons" on AFR. She began working for AFA in 2007 while she was a stay-at-home mom in Louisiana. Since then, she has primarily worked on-air as a radio personality. Meeke is a conference speaker, women’s teacher, author, and pro-family activist who keeps a close eye on politics, pop culture, and the church. Her focus is on equipping everyday Christians to effectively engage and transform culture.

Before coming to AFA, Meeke served as a nationally appointed missionary to America’s colleges and universities. Meeke is married to Wil Addison, director of special initiatives for AFA. Together they co-host the radio show "Airing the Addisons." Both New Orleans natives, Wil and Meeke now live in Mississippi. They have five children, and they educate them at home.

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