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Topic: The Trans Movement, Gender Fluidity, and the Effects of Porn on a Man's Mind

Jon K. Uhler, MS, LPC, has been a professional therapist for over 25 years, working in a wide variety of clinical settings, including outpatient, inpatient, residential, and hospital. He spent over 10 years working with adjudicated, troubled teens prior to his 11+ years working with incarcerated men within both medium and maximum prison settings. During that time, he evaluated and treated approximately 4,000 low- and high-risk sex offenders including sexually violent predators.

He is clinically trained and certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in the management of both sex offender treatment and dual diagnosis programming. Additionally, he has been certified in the PCL-R, the Static-99R, the PAI, and the TJTA. Jon's clinical specialty is in trauma-based disorders, specifically related to the trauma associated with ritualistic sexual abuse.

You can find Jon on Twitter and visit his new blog, Help for the Journey – a site developed for general counseling advice. Jon also voluntarily contributes his time and expertise online at, where he fields questions primarily related to sociopathy, psychopathy, and the criminal mind.