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Most practicing astronomers and astrophysicists believe in the big bang theory, a universe that is billions of years old, and other evolutionary ideas. But not Jason Lisle.

Jason grew up in a Christian household, and because his family believed in the authority and accuracy of the Bible, he had little difficulty in dealing with the evolutionary bombardment he received in school. While at university, Jason discovered an important aspect of scientific study and the process of drawing conclusions. He realized that scientists were usually unaware of their presuppositions. In this case, it made it easier for Jason to understand that intelligent scientists can disagree on what evidence really means, for they have different starting points.

In graduate school, Jason began sharing the message that God’s Word is true from the first verse. Today, he encourages individuals to trust the Bible and not compromise with the secular ideas of millions of years of evolution. Jason was instrumental in developing the planetarium at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

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